Vancouver Club Wedding | James & Allyson

I have known James for quite some time. James is awesome. We use to be neighbours on Alberni Street and we use to have games nights together with our roommates. Fun times were always had even though the competition level was at an all time high. Sometimes James would play with the sole purpose of not allowing me to win, or not letting Eric win. And for the most part... James would end up winning. So lets just say... James is a great guy. Hahaha. And we love him. I've always known it was going to take an incredible girl to catch his eye someday.

And then he met Allyson. They were first introduced at a party celebrating their friends who got married out of town. He instantly fell for her, and she left unimpressed but somewhat intrigued by him haha but they were soon dating. And then his work led him to move to Nanaimo. She went to visit him there and one day while they were making crepes together he proposed to her in the kitchen with her wedding band because he just couldn't wait while he was having his grandmothers diamond put into a new setting for her engagement ring. He then proposed again with that ring in Vancouver.

I got to hang out with Allyson one time before their wedding. And she is just SO sweet and kind. I texted James after I met with her and I was like... Allyson.... is SOOO lovely!! And he was like DUH. Of course she is! 

And now they are married! And I got to be their wedding photographer! We felt so blessed to be a part of their intimate family & close friends. So here is their beautiful Vancouver Club Easter weekend wedding!