Emily & Brian | Wedding

Emily & Brian - They were just perfect for us. I genuinely think all the best things about them. I feel so blessed that I got to shoot their wedding!

We started the day with me heading to the farm, and Eric going to the golf course with the guys. If you want to make us both VERY happy please just send me to a farm and Eric to a golf course.

Emily is so sweet and so kind. She is fun and full of joy. The way she shone all day reminded me of how I felt on my wedding day. Just unstoppable. Her family is amazing. Her Oma had written a book about the family and handed it to me and there was an entire chapter about Emily. I HONESTLY would have sat and read it had I not been there to capture the day. We roamed around the farm and took some pictures with the animals and barns and all the scenes that Emily grew up around.

When I met the guys they came up to me and said “your husband is AMAZING!” Hahaha… I guess he hit some golf balls with them. Brian is a great guy. The two of them together just make sense. They compliment one another. Eric spent the most time with him and his best description was like “yeah he’s chill” when I asked him what Brian was like. (Thank you Eric. You are so very helpful!)

So many people love Emily & Brian! Seeing them together, you just know that they are in love and that they make such a great pair. Their day was so full of people that are for them. We got them in our 4Runner (which is always one of my favourite parts of the wedding day) to drive them out to different locations for their portraits and they were so great to just go with the flow and trust us to capture. It was THE BEST. At the reception I nearly fell off the stage taking a photo as I leaned on a curtain rod that was not very sturdy. Hahaha it would have been QUITE the scene, however there was an amazing bridesmaid down below that would have FOR SURE caught me.

We loved photographing this wedding! Also you MUST get to the bottom of these images to see Emily’s Dad hugging her after their dance together. I DEFINITELY cried editing it.