Hello there


Hello and thanks for viewing my website! I am Katie :)

I grew up in the woods of Prince George, B.C. and I spent a majority of my childhood as a competitive dancer. My sister and I were quite the inseparable pair and my excitement for capturing life is probably rooted in the great amount of joy I found creating movies and photos with her from a very early age. I started my photography adventure in 2009 with a borrowed DSLR camera and mainly captured dancers onstage but from there I grew to love taking photos of people. I love capturing those candid life moments that just seem to come and go each day. 

My sister and I moved to Vancouver in 2010 and I made a great friend named Josh who is an incredible photographer and my passion for it grew exponentially. He began to train me as his second shooter and then in 2011 I shot my first wedding. 

I got married in 2015 to an amazingly tall Jesus loving dutch man named Eric and I absolutely love and highly value marriage. If you love love stories as much as I do check out my Story Time blog to hear ours! If you think I am there just to take photos on your wedding day you are mistaken as I am also cheering you on in the decision you're making to marry your best friend! 

As a photographer I like to keep it simple. I like to capture you as you. I don't like to intrude though I will make a photo happen when it needs to happen. I try to be as sneaky as possible to document the moments you will cherish forever. 

If you have any questions regarding my photography feel free to contact me at katiemillsphotography@gmail.com