Brittney + Mitchell


This couple.



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I met Brittney in 2014 at a dance class. We were filming a combo and I accidentally kicked her in the head while we were rolling around on the floor... but we had to keep going! Because we were FILMING. And afterwards I was like I'm SO SORRRRRRYYY!!!!! And she was like its totally fine!!! Hey don't you sing at Coastal Church? And I was like YESSSSS!!!! And a friendship was born.

Brittney is a few years younger than me. About 5. But shes like 80 years wiser. I am so thankful for her. Shes such a straight shooter. She gives you the truth in love. She is one of the most beautiful inside and out people that I have ever known. If Brittney is your friend you are one blessed human. 

At that time her boyfriend Mitchell was still living in Innisfail Alberta. She was in Vancouver dancing and they were dating long distance. She told me all about him. How they had been together for years. How her parents loved on him. It is such a beautiful story I won't share because its not mine to share. But these two made a choice to choose each other at a very young age and stick with it. 

Fast forward to 2016. Mitchell had moved to Vancouver. And he is amazing. Of course he was. He got involved at Coastal and he joined the worship team so I got to hang out with him! One day I went up to Mitchell and I was like..." Hey Mitchell... I dunno if you're planning on getting married to Brittney any time soon... but when you do I have the perfect wedding hashtag for you guys." and he was like "NO WAY. What is it???" and I was like...... #itsbrittneymitch and he was like :0 I LOVE IT. And then he spilled the beans that he had a ring for her and that he was planning to propose soon! So. I was like. LET ME SHOOT IT! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? TELL ME EVERYTHING!

So here's a glimpse at the proposal that I had to jump out of work on my lunch break to quickly shoot! 

Thanks to the wind for making this moment extra special and causing the normal "we just got engaged" thoughts to have a whole new meaning... "It was all a blur!" and "We could hardly breathe!"

They spent the holidays sharing the news with their family and celebrating their engagement. They planned their wedding to be in August in the town they both grew up in and tons of people flew to Alberta to attend! Eric and I felt so blessed to shoot this day for them. Truly. They are so great together and both from such amazing families! It was one of those situations where you feel so at home in someone else's home. They even invited us to their rehearsal dinner that was basically just family and the bridal party. We showed up fashionably late not to seem too eager and THAT was a mistake! Not in Alberta, people! They do things ONTIME. #vancouveritefail

Anywho! Here's how the weekend went!

Just the best.