Airwick Crosses the Ocean.

Since its Valentine's day here I may as well share some more mush. I love this man so much. I can't imagine my life without him!!! So here's part three. I was told not to wait another year to post the next part of our story sooo here it is! ( You're welcome Vero! )


Alrighttttt so. We met. We sports camped. We hung out in Victoria. We Skyped for a week. I went to visit him in Victoria AGAIN and thennnnnn it was TIME for Eric to come to Vancouver. 🎉

My closest friends were having a shindig that weekend at the guys house to celebrate Connors birthday. Eric had never met any of these people. It was his big reveal you know?  Im' all like:"Hey friends! This is my super tall dreamboat boyfriend! Things are PRETTY serious.... we’ve held hands!!!"

So I decided to go meet him at the skytrain when he arrived. I am such a gentleman. To this day Eric has a tough time out-gentlemanning me. He texted me when he was almost there and so I sat waiting at City Center for him outside on August 10th 2013. 



WHYY did it feel like I was waiting forever? My heart was beating normally... in a not at all sort of way... 

Then finally... I saw him. Tall and tanned and smiley. And I pretty much skipped over to hug him. SKIPPED you guys... and when I hugged him his heart was also pounding. And I thought to myself... awh he's a little nervy too. :) I found out later... that he was there the whole time. BUT. That he went to Tim Hortons to pray for a bit before seeing me.... and that he may or may not have barfed. Lollllllll <3 <3 <3 <3 

We walked around town a bit and there were millions of people dressed in lululemon and we heard that the lulu marathon happening so we went to see what all the commotion was about. Truly it didn't matter what we were doing, I was just so happy to have him with me in person. So we were holding hands and there was this song playing and he kept squeezing my hand to the beat but then I was squeezing his on the offbeat and it became this super nerdy couple game that we STILL play to this day. And then we took this picture.


Just a little bit of happiness. On my end at least. Lol. This was the first photo I posted of us on instagram captioned, "I get to spend the day with this guy" #mytallfriend #thisiseric #hesprettycool 

I mean.... he is pretty cool. 

Then he met my sisters.


They were a little unsure of him in the beginning just like me. Mr. Riedstra is of the mysterious variety of manly men. You might think you know him and then you just don't at all. I was still getting to know him too!

Marcy sent a Snapchat to the family of us casually hanging out on the couch captioned “he’s so long.” That IS 98% of the time people’s first reaction to him.

“How’s the weather up there?”

”Do you play basketball?”

“Wow you’re soOoOoOo tall!” 

Its weird because I noticed it right away too but I didn’t comment. I mean. He knows he’s above average height. He actually told me very early on that in the world he is MORE RARE than me. 🤣People who are 6’7”  are “more rare” than red heads...... I was like. Mmmmmmkay. Cool fact there Mr. Riedstra.... #redflag


Anyways. That night we got on a bus and went out to the guys house in North Burnaby aka “Iron Haven.” It was definitely one of the best hangout spots for a lot of us young adults then. There were 5 guys from my church there living under one roof and they had turned this weird little house into quite the humble abode. Many a good time was had there but this night was one of my favourites.  

On the bus we were listening to some music. We were doing that thing where you share headphones and then with your other ear talk to eachother but it’s awkward cuz you have to basically turn your head around to hear eachother over the music haha. I noticed he had a very interesting taste in music right away. Bands like “cake” and lecrae and a bunch of strange bands I had never even heard of. I just decided to scroll through and found this song called “kiss me” by cake. Couldn’t tell you what it even sounds like at all but I glanced at it..... and I glanced at him...... and made an obvious nerd of myself just you know... so he would know... that well if he wanted to kiss me.... he could. 


Truth be told I don’t remember a lot of what we did that night other than hang out at the campfire and sing worship songs like the adorable little group of Christians that we were. ❤️  


but laaaaaaaaterrrrrr.....


Jess and Connor were hanging with us. We were on the corner of the street. Sitting on the edge of their lawn on the grass. Talking about nothing. Now Connor and Jess had been dating for a couple months at the time and they were at this grooooooss stage where they basically licked each others noses in front of us all and we all loved them but we were like.... 😖 and they were with us but kinda in their own world of mush and puppy love  

So there I was on the corner with my bestie and our “boyfriends”. But you know in like... perfect movies... when the girl is sitting between the guys legs. And they are looking at the stars or at some park... you know... just taking it all in? It was like that.... except I was being the guy. #katherinethegentleman. Eric was sitting between myyyyyyy legs. Leaning back on me like a lawn chair. And the guy is large.... let’s just say... I was enduring an uncomfortable ab exercise just to cuddle with him a bit.  

I think I decided to tickle him a bit  you know  cuz I’m spontaneous like that. So he was squirming a bit ( just to entertain me becuase I know now that he’s not ticklish at all) but he kinda like leaned back and tackled me into the grass...

and just...




My unkissed-for-4-years


And okay. You don’t wanna know this but it was the best first kiss I ever had. Ever.  


Somewhere in those four years of singleness I thought I would forget how to kiss. Lol. Why is that a thing? It was fine. I was fine. We kissed. And it was rad.  


That night I had to leave him there at the guys house and Bus back downtown to my house because we felt that was best while dating. Now I think it’s silly but at the time we were just being extra cautious. He told me he would be up early cuz he couldn’t wait to see me again. 


I didn’t sleep. Cuz WHEWWWW. Too much steam for one lifetime. 


He came Downtown the next morning and I was chillin on the floor in front of the mirror just finishing my make up and he buzzed in.. walks into my room. Kisses me AGAIN!

I was like


Sooooooo this is just a thing we do now?!? 

and he goes  

Yup! *crooked smile*