I gave myself a slow start to the year.

2018 was so full and I am so grateful but I entered 2019 in need of some rest! And rest is what I’ve done. And I am ready for 2019 and all it has in store. I celebrated my 29th birthday this past week and in a weird way the last year of my 20s has left me feeling like it is my last year of freedom. Lol. Its not. But it feels that way. My life hasn’t changed much in the past 4 years but I think this year is going to be a year of exploration, both as a photographer and a human. Eric & I have booked some vacations to places we’ve never been before, and even booked our first ever back country camping trip together! I started skiing again and am just loving being outdoors flying down the amazing Vancouver mountains I’m surrounded by! My sister and I took a pottery class for 8 weeks and I had the best time creating something from nothing. I am expectant for this year. It is going to be awesome as God brings me from glory to glory.

I’ve been booking some amazing 2019 weddings that I am so excited about!! I am second shooting a handful of great weddings with Jamie and have my first one with her coming up this weekend! I see you, wedding season! I am ready.


So about these photos. This is my sister and I just wanted to have some fun with her. I wanted her to have the biggest curly afro I could give her. I used this tiny pencil sized curling rod that I bought a couple years ago because when I saw it I just felt like “I dunno why… but I have to buy this.” Haha. Does anyone else do that? I don’t do it often at all but ANYWAYS… I did her hair and her makeup super quick and drove her up to this elementary school by my place that is one of my favorite random spots to go watch the sunset. It was so cold but she was a trooper and did all the weird things I asked her and some extra weirdness that is all her! I bought the baby’s breath for myself because sometimes you just deserve flowers, you know?

Anyways. I hope you enjoy something that we created that was purely for fun. :)