Photo by  Josh Yong

Photo by Josh Yong

Katie & Eric

Eric and I met at sports camp. And truth be told, I had no idea that I would marry him when we first met but something told me it was serious when I felt safe about starting to date him long distance. A year we ferried back and forth to each other until he made the move to my side of the water “for school.” He never did finish school… but we got married 1 year later.

I began to teach him how to use a camera slowly without pushing him to it and he was a bit hesitant at first but he picked it up quickly and somehow always manages to get some of my favourite images when we shoot weddings together. He also has this magical way about him where he just seems to blend in with the groomsmen and then when I meet up with them they guys are like “your husband is so awesome.” He’s my extroverted intovert and I am his intoverted extrovert.

We both work nearly full time plus shooting weddings together. We’ve travelled throughout BC and Alberta to shoot weddings and it is always a dream to work together doing something we love and celebrating the amazing couples that trust us with their day!